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Meelan Hospital Furniture specializes in designing and producing state-of-the-art hospital furniture and equipment. The Pune based firm was established in 1960 by Shri. Haribhau Kamat, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for innovative design. Under Haribhau's inspiring leadership, the company quickly became a frontrunner in the industry, with a growing stable of high-quality products. In 1980, Rajendra Kamat took over the stewardship of the company, raising the company's tradition for innovation to new heights. Later on in 2005, he was succeeded by Hrishikesh Kamat who currently guides the brand's fortunes. Over the past five decades Meelan has grown into a brand synonymous with hospital furniture. Be it conventional products or customized designs, Meelan provides them all. ICU Beds, Fowler Beds, Bed Side Lockers, Over Bed Food Tables, Operation Tables, Labour Tables, Instrument Trolleys, Stretcher Trolleys, Stools and more the list is diverse but the promise of excellence is singularly Meelan.

At Meelan, we understand the critical role our products play in hospital-care and we constantly strive to provide the highest degree of comfort so vital for speedy recoveries.
- Hrishikesh Kamat

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